Probably the best “The daily” for some weeks. A lot of drama, voices and facts. Though we know the outcome now, this podcast provides some additional informations you don´t wanna miss. I like the first seconds with some CNN machine gun elaborations and hollywood background music. 😉

I was allways so fearfull

I think it´s a age thing. To try to restart an instrument after over 15 years is a suicide mission. But I still have an emotional bond to music. Like a deep one. I got drilled in musical theory in my teen, but never liked it. Actually I rejected it. Now being older I start to dig into it.

That much said, I have two interessting clips concerning my current hobby. And luckily, music is now a hobby to me! Something you do after 18 o´clock.

So let´s go into the academic and hobby aspects of music.

This second one is less academic but a bit more fun, plus, I am really bad at rythmics. So the second one is way more fun)

Back Country

I posted this clip on social media for the past 10 years around this time of the year. Unfortunatly I couldn´t really go for the backcountry within the last 3 years, but this winter I am back. Not that sketchy & extreme though from an objective point of view…

Nice Tuesdays

Lo and behold, I ran into an dear old friend of mine today, and had an amazing evening talking about pretty much everything. Embrace yourself to know people with insight and ethics! BTW, he is doing a need podcast you could give a shot.


I am sure I would vote for Habeck if being a german citizen. Btw., this podcast format by ” Die Zeit” is hands down, the best interview setup I know. 🙂

I had to rework my old signet, it got aged. Or maybe, it just got outdated for myself.

This is my first sketch. It works to some extend, but has some aestethic flaws.