Check out Henrick Schwarz on Spotify after this tune. He´s a great collaborator. I really like this one though. Metropole Orkest has this really great collabs with Snarky Puppy, Quincy Jones, Jacob Collier (whom I really dig!),  Basement Jaxx and numberless others.  Jules Buckley is a phantastic conductor and does phenomenal arrangement work. But you probably knew that. 🙂 Unless you never saw the Snarky Puppy Set with Metropole ( I know that recording for about 4 years now, and it is still in my best 10 live sets list, drama:)). So I am going to post that one as well.

[Edit: I appended a Jacob Collier tune, I think it´s kinda comprehensive to do so. This guy is so insanly educated musical wise, understands musical theory dating back to the 16 century, fully understands micro tunes, has an absolute pitch, a nice voice, does polyrthmics like Trilok Gurtu, …man. ]

Tunes & tones

Jazz has so many faces. Give Jon Balke a shot here. Norwegians have a pretty nice approach towards tuning. It´s a bit of. Always. Hence, even if they set a tune in a specific tonality, it never seems to be quite right.

I am pretty sure I have posted this before on some social media channel. About two years ago.  I dig the cinematic build up of this tune. Technically it´s not overally perfect, but man, it has so much other things to offer!

Speaking of technicallity. Miguel Zenon, there is no second guess about him.

That´s it for today.

Open your ears!



On today´s musical menue I was actually thinking about the “Yellow Jackets” with “7summers”, but couldn´t find a decent original version on youtube.





Right now, after getting off the hook of social media in the broader sense, I started to realize how intricate this topic is. Yeah, I will delete my posts concerning my thesis. (Edit: I did. :))

You never go wrong with Waits btw.

If you look into a mash up of Sepultura and serious music from another continent.

Social Media

I recently deleted all my social media account profiles. From Facebook, LinkedIn, Evernote, Amazon to Instagram. You name it. It´s actually pretty hard to really delete your accounts. You need to dig through several layers and submenues, and all together it took me about three days! That´s scary:)

But there was a reason to do so. I had to deal with some pretty nasty online bullying lately. Additionally, if you have to deal with people with mental and pschological troubles, you better get off the radar.

Social Media is something, that we late 30´s were thrown into but never really understood.

So, if you want to stay in contact. Drop me a mail or just give me a call. Hope you have my recent number and mail adresse.